"I have the utmost respect for Sara's genuine nature, competence, perspective and wisdom when working with clients. I have recommended Sara to several clients for trauma-based work and I'm confident with the results she attains with them."


Maria Schmid - Registered Psychologist




Menla Psychological Counselling, Calgary Alberta, mindfulness, therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, cbt, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, EMDR, meditation, meditation instruction, MBSR


"I have sent many patients to Menla Psychological Counselling with wonderful results. Sara has made a difference in their lives."


Dr Vincent Yeun - Physician



"I would highly recommend clients to work with Sara, especially those who might be apprehensive or nervous about counselling. Sara offers a calm and compassionate space and treats clients in a humanistic way. She greets people with warmth, understanding and immense skill, working with issues including trauma, stress and relational difficulties."


Jennifer Mansell - Registered Social Worker



"Sara has been an invaluable resource for our clients and is very welcoming, personable, compassionate and highly skilled in her area of practice. Our clients provide us with nothing but positive feedback about their experiences with Sara and I will continue to recommend her to any client who may benefit from her services!"


Kate McCulloh - Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist


"Sara is warm, grounded and empathetic. She lives by the mindful practice she teaches to others. I never hesitate to refer clients to counselling or one of her groups as I appreciate Sara's ability to put clients at ease, and her skill in promoting insight and clarity."


Leslie Lacny - Registered Psychologist