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Psychologist Calgary, Menla Psychological Counselling, Calgary Alberta, mindfulness, therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, cbt, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, EMDR, meditation, meditation instruction, MBSR

Registered Psychologist:


The standards for training and practice of Registered Psychologists (R.Psych.) are strictly regulated. The term psychologist is protected, and subject to the following requirements:


- A Masters degree in Psychology


- Comprehensive written and oral exam


- A minimum of 1600 hours of supervised practice


Registered Psychologists also must adhere to a professional code of ethics and standards.

Menla Psychological Counselling, Calgary Alberta, Psychologist, Counsellor, Therapist, anxiety, depression, trauma therapy, couples counselling

Sara Jungen


          I am a Registered Psychologist and the Principal Associate of Menla Psychological Counselling.  After completing a Bachelor's degree with honours from the University of Calgary, I earned a Master's in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University.  I am also trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Couples Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and Hakomi Body-Centred Psychotherapy.

          I am passionate about creating therapeutic relationships that feel safe, supportive and empowering.  Combining eastern ideas of mind with western psychology, I gently encourage self awareness and healing in my clients and offer them tools that facilitate change in their lives. I regularly apply mindfulness meditation, a practice that enhances well being and empathy through increasing attention to the present moment. I share these mindfulness skills with my clients in group meditation classes, and as part of individual therapy.




Excerpt from TV interview, about Seasonal Affective Disorder, on Calgary Now (Shaw TV) https://youtu.be/vh8NtJPLwiI

*Calgary Now was mistaken in calling me Dr, my correct title is Registered Psychologist