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How can meditation
help you?


Research has validated the effectiveness of meditation for increasing general wellbeing, reducing anxiety and pain, and preventing relapse of depression.


Additional benefits may include:


Feeling more present and alive


Making choices consciously


Putting self-care into practice.


As an adjunct to counselling, meditation is indispensable in supporting a journey of personal growth.  It hones one’s ability to pay attention to, and learn from direct experience.

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Individual & Group Meditation Instruction

Meditation for Mental Health Course (6 weeks)


Many people know that meditation would be good for them. However, people sometimes struggle to learn meditation from a book or CD, or to keep up the momentum practicing regularly.

What will I gain from this course?


In person instruction, with opportunities to ask questions and get feedback


Meditation assignments that keep you practicing at home


Supportive small group interaction


What topics will be covered?


Foundational principles of meditation


Formal and informal meditation practices


Maitri (unconditional kindness to ourselves and others)

Please contact us and provide your email address so that you can be the first to learn when we set the dates for our next

Meditation for Mental Health Course!  


The course described below is now complete. 


Mindfulness Meditation for Mental Health Course 


Mindfulness meditation is an integrated mind-body approach for accessing powerful inner resources and a way to cultivate being fully present in your life.


Class Description:


·      based on scientific research validating the efficacy of mindfulness in decreasing the relapse of depression & anxiety, and increasing wellbeing

·      develop a solid meditation practice & learn how to manage stress, quiet your mind, calm your body, and increase your enjoyment of life

·      explore the meaning, method, and benefits of mindfulness meditation

·      learn a variety of meditation techniques including sitting, walking, body-scan, and loving-kindness meditation.

·      change your relationship to thoughts and feelings

·      strengthen your connection to yourself, others, and the environment

·      feel supported within a small group of like-minded people


Instructor: Sara Jungen is a Registered Psychologist who specializes in integrating counselling with eastern approaches of working with the mind.  She earned a Masters degree at Naropa University, a school at the forefront of mindfulness education.  Sara has been teaching mindfulness courses since 2007.


Dates: Monday evenings, February 9, 16, 23 and March 9, 16, 23, 

(6 weeks, with a one-week break in the middle)


Time:  7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m


Investment: $290 (reduced rate available for students or low income)

Fee includes 2 Meditation CDs & weekly handouts


Using Insurance: A receipt with my psychologist's registration number will be provided. Many extended health insurance plans will partially or fully cover the cost of this course.  Please check with your specific plan.


Location: 7th Chakra Studio, centrally located on seventeenth ave - 

1301 17 Avenue SW, Calgary, AB T2T 0C4


To Register: Email Sara to save a spot -   


Please wear comfortable clothing, and bring a yoga mat (if you have one) and a blanket.


“Mindfulness will help you to change the way you see the challenges in your life.  You will gain increased control by understanding how you see yourself, how you see your challenges, and how you see the forces in the world at work.”  Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn


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